We are committed to providing the highest quality of legal representation in order to obtain the most satisfactory result for our clients.

The law firm of Galantucci & Patuto, Esqs., established in 1973, is now Galantucci, Patuto, DeVencentes, Potter & Doyle, L.L.C., and is proud to continue its reputation for providing its clients with vigorous, skilled representation in both the civil and criminal context and for its commitment to the profession’s highest ethical standards.  Each of the firm’s attorneys, assisted by a dedicated staff, strives to provide the highest quality legal services available by utilizing over one hundred and fifty years of combined legal experience to collectively assess each case in order to explore every potential claim or defense.

 Although perhaps best known as a preeminent criminal defense firm, Galantucci, Patuto, DeVencentes, Potter & Doyle also practices in a wide range of other legal areas in both state and federal courts.  From its inception, the firm has been committed to but a single goal: providing superior legal representation in an effort to obtain the most satisfactory results for its clients.  That commitment will never change.

The attorneys of Galantucci, Patuto, DeVencentes, Potter & Doyle have successfully represented criminal defendants, including in many high profile cases, against serious felony, also known as indictable, charges including homicide, manslaughter, aggravated assault, kidnapping, aggravated sexual assault, robbery, arson, burglary, theft, fraud, endangering the welfare of a child, bribery, corruption, forgery, obstruction of justice, official misconduct in office, narcotics distribution and possession, firearms offenses, and racketeering.

The firm likewise handles cases involving misdemeanor, also known as disorderly persons, offenses throughout the State of New Jersey and contiguous areas of the State of New York.  Such offenses include simple assault, disorderly conduct, harassment, narcotics possession, shoplifting, as well as violations of municipal ordinances and any traffic offense an individual might be charged with, including driving while intoxicated.

Further, the firm has a considerable expungement practice, handles juvenile matters of all kinds, domestic violence cases, Megan’s Law tiering, early termination of probation, gun permit appeals, post-conviction relief applications, and bail proceedings, in addition to a number of other matters not listed herein.

The attorneys of Galantucci, Patuto, DeVencentes, Potter & Doyle are focused on providing the best possible defense for individuals accused of wrongdoing, whether they are private citizens or public officials.  Galantucci, Patuto, DeVencentes, Potter & Doyle is one of only a few criminal defense firms in northern New Jersey to be approved by the New Jersey State Patrolmen’s Benefit Association to represent police officers charged with criminal offenses or serious disciplinary infractions through the P.B.A. Legal Protection Plan. 

Please contact the firm by telephone directly at (201) 646-1100 to set up an appointment.  As a result of the highly confidential nature of much of the firm’s work, it is preferred that initial contacts are made by telephone.  Upon the firm’s acceptance of a case, email communication can be instituted, if preferred.